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About Us.

Meet Our Floral Designer

Born to an Indian family, Anita was disowned by her parents and was mainly raised by her grandmother. Her childhood was not filled with the fun and frolic that most typical kids experience. Instead, she took her lively hood into her own hands and worked with her
neighbor (whom she lovingly called Aunty) on work from a local factory including bead work, floral making, garment embroidery and sequence.

One of her fondest childhood memories is walking around a nearby park, touching and smelling the beautiful flowers all around. To hold on to this cherished memory, she started replicating the beautiful flowers using scrap paper and cloth. Recognizing her talent, her Aunty encouraged her to pursue her passion by assisting others with their floral arrangements.

One of Anita’s breakthrough moments was when a dear friend was disappointed with her floral bouquet to walk down the aisle at their wedding. Her friend’s mother begged Anita to make a
bridal bouquet for her daughter at the eleventh hour. Not only was she able to quickly create a beautiful bouquet for her friend, but everyone at the wedding believed the artificial floral arrangement to be a natural one.

After working internationally and travelling the world, Anita settled down in the US and decided to follow her dreams. She opened her Etsy store and has been creating beautiful arrangements ever since.

She is constantly evolving and setting trends in the floral home and décor spaces. Her love of nature inspires her throughout her life which is beautifully showcased through her floral bouquets, gifts and home décor. Anita, just as her name is translates to, is gracious and beautiful in all that she represents.